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Alabama Crimson Tide Football - The Top 3 Rivals

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, most especially among the universities. This is the reason why almost all universities in the country have their own football teams to represent their constituents. Aside from that, it has a long history that cannot be detached with the history of the different universities as well. This is also because some universities have been more popular because of their success in the field of football. For this reason, one of the most popular teams in the United States in the field of collegiate football is the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team is the official representative of the University of Alabama in different football competitions. It has a very long history that can be traced way back in 1892. As a matter of fact, the team built a rivalry with at least three other teams through time. These three are the Auburn, LSU and the Tennessee football teams.

Alabama Crimson Tide Football and the Auburn Tigers at the Iron Bowl

On the one hand, one of the most hard-fought competitions in the field of football in the United States is during the Iron Bowl when the Auburn University and the Alabama University football teams face each other on the battle field. They are actually in-state rivals that always meet in a much awaited match. The name of the competition is "Iron Bowl" because this game is conducted in Birmingham, which is a town that played a major role in the steel industry.

Aside from that, the effects of this rivalry even transcend to the culture of the people in the state, most especially to the supporters of the two teams. One manifestation of this is that the calendars of the people there, especially the fans of both Auburn and Alabama Crimson Tide football teams, are already marked for the specific game between these two teams. Another manifestation of this is that the socialization in the state has been affected as well, most especially in the past. This is because it was once uncommon to befriending people who were in support of the opposing team. If two people support the different teams, then it was very unlikely that they would be in the same social bubble in years past. However, this has somehow diminishes in recent times.

Alabama Crimson Tide football team versus the LSU Tigers

The match between these two football teams has been deemed the Saban Bowl, which is another annual collegiate football rivalry competition. Specifically, this competition is between the Louisiana State University and the Alabama University.

The 3rd Saturday in October a Big day For Alabama Crimson Tide Football

The 3rd Saturday in October is a popular even when the Tennessee Volunteers take the field against the Alabama Crimson Tide football. This is actually another event during the year that is much anticipated by a lot of people, especially the supporters of the two teams. The intensity of this completion is as high as the rivalry between the Alabama Crimson Tide football and the Auburn football team.

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2010 College Football Predictions - LSU

Les Miles is 51-15 with a national title under his belt in five seasons at LSU, but the school is far from satisfied. LSU is not at all happy about playing second fiddle to Alabama in the SEC West, especially since former LSU coach Nick Saban is the reason for Bama's re-emergence. Since winning a national title in the 2007 season, LSU has had no answer for Alabama, Florida or Ole Miss. In fact, the Tigers are 0-6 against these three schools the last two years. With Auburn and Arkansas also on the rise, 2010 is a critical season for Miles to show the school that he's capable of getting back to the top of the mountain.

Offense: LSU's offense was atrocious in 2009. The Tigers ranked dead last in the SEC, and 112th nationally, in total offense, averaging just 304.5 yards per game. In case you don't know, there are only 120 FBS teams in the country. From a scoring standpoint, the Tigers ranked No. 10 in the SEC, averaging just 24.9 points per game. Every good offense starts with a good offensive line, and that was something the Tigers did not have in 2009. LSU ranked No. 11 in the league in rushing offense, averaging 122.8 rushing yards per game, and No. 9 in passing offense, averaging 181.8 passing yards per game. This unit also allowed 34 quarterback sacks. With three starters returning up front there is reason to believe the line will be better, but I don't think it will be like night and day. Quarterback Jordan Jefferson is coming off a solid season, throwing for 2,166 yards and 17 scores with only seven picks. I can only imagine what he could do with a little more time. His primary target is Terrance Toliver, who caught 53 passes for 735 yards and three scored in 2009. Inside runner, Stevan Ridley, and the speedy Michael Ford figure to get most of the carries.

Defense: It's safe to say LSU wouldn't have won a lot of games last season if it wasn't for the defense. The Tigers boasted the 11th-best scoring defense in the country in 2009, only giving up 16.2 points per contest. While LSU does lose seven starters, it isn't expected to take a step back. Middle linebacker Kevin Sheppard and cornerback Patrick Peterson lead the defense. Sheppard returns for his senior season after leading LSU with 110 tackles. Peterson is a shutdown corner who will be playing on Sunday's soon enough. LSU's defense could have been even better a season ago if it had been able to get more heat on opposing quarterbacks. In fact, the Tigers only tallied 21 sacks last season. Defensive coordinator John Chavis expects to do much better in the pass rush department with the additions of Sam Montgomery, Barkevious Mingo and Ken Adams up front.

Prediction: 4th SEC West - The Tigers are a year away from having the level of talent and experience to challenge for a league title and more. Still, it would be nice to build some momentum with a strong campaign in 2010. But that might be difficult to do with a challenging schedule, and with the way Auburn and Arkansas have gotten back on the map. Check out my 2010 SEC football predictions to see how I have the rest of the league stacking up.

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Forbes Touts Alabama's Nick Saban As the Most Powerful Coach in Sports

So who is the most powerful coach in sports today? Nick Saban of Alabama according to Forbes magazine (9-1-08 issue). Forbes wastes no time in anoiting Saban as the best of the best and ahead of the rest when it comes to being the most powerful sports coach in our time.

While God-fearing, rabid fans in Alabama recognize that Saban is not God, they certainly think he is a god in the sense that he is a superhuman being who has power over human fortunes, namely the Crimson Tide.

What is unique about Saban's stature, as Forbes points out, is that Saban's 8-year, $32 million contract gives him complete and absolute control over every aspect of Alabama's football program-recruiting, coaching, business administration and public relations. No other coach of any other sport enjoys such an advantage, if in fact it does turn out to be an advantage. Time will tell.

Until success becomes evident, Saban's contract also has some very special perks, like 25 hours for his private use of a university airplane, two cars and a country club membership, all extras that make his annual compensation package closer to $5 million per year. He can also leave the school at any time without financial penalty, a rarity in big-time college coaching contracts.

His contract remains among the highest after his first year on the job, and his contract is bigger than all but a handful of NFL coaches.

No coach, according to Forbes, can match Saban's combination of money, control and influence, and that includes all coaches in the professional leagues. Suffice to say that Saban, and his agent, James E. Sexton II, know a thing or two about how to negotiate an exceptional professional contract.

Alabama can afford Saban. The Crimson Tide football program generated $52 million in revenue last year (yes, college football is BIG business), and had an estimated $32 million in profit. Yikes, that is major profit. How would you like to run a business that generates $52 million in revenue and has a profit of 61%.

Taxpayers in Alabama can also relax as well since not a cent of Saban's contract is paid by student or taxpayer money, it all comes out of the university's football program budget, which also funds 77% of the athletic department, including nonrevenue producing sports.

It is Saban who has been tabbed to lift the fortunes of Alabama back to the glory years the Crimson Tide experienced under Paul "Bear" Bryant, who won 6 national championships and 13 SEC championships. When Bryant retired in 1982, Alabama's football success took a dramatic drop in national prestige.

So how much of an impact has Saban had after his first year? Well, the team went 7-6 and beat Colorado in the Independence Bowl. Saban's first spring practice game drew 92,000 fans (you read it right). The waiting list for season tickets tripled to 10,000 after Saban's arrival. His recruiting class this year was rated No. 1 nationally by a consensus of tracking services.

Saban is a control freak (Alabama football practices are all but closed, and he personally authorizes all interviews with his players and coaches), but he is also very successful at what he does. He resurrected football programs at Michigan State (from squat to a 9-2 season in 5 years with 4 bowl games) and Louisiana State (a 48-16 record in 5 years, 5 bowl games, 2 SEC titles and a national championship) before arriving at 'Bama.

University of Alabama's president, Robert Witt, is fine with everything going on in its athletic program. There have been 100,000 donors to the university's recent $500 million capital campaign, many of whom are ardent football supporters.

So how will Alabama do this year? Probably very well. With Saban, you either produce on the field or you will be nursing splinters on your backside riding the bench. Nick Saban expects to win, not occasionally, but every bloody time.

That is very hard to do in the SEC, but for $4 million a year you learn to outthink, outwork and out recruit your opponents. Saban has some talent coming, and nothing beats talent when talent shows up to play.

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Best NCAA College Football Program of All Time

What comes to mind when you think of the best NCAA college football program of all time? Notre Dame; USC; Michigan? Sure, they are all up there. But, at the very top, in my book, is the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama is, without a doubt, the greatest NCAA college football program ever.

Why do I say that? Well, of course Alabama football is right up there when it comes to wins and losses (ranked #8 with an all-time record of 802 - 319 - 43 (.707); championships (arguably the champ in 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934, 1941, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1991, 1992 and 2009); legendary coaches and players (over 90 first team all-American's); etc.

It's also important to note that Alabama plays in the Southeastern (SEC) conference; the toughest college football conference in America. How do I know that? Well, for starters, the SEC has won the past five BCS National Championship titles. Every year the SEC leads the pack in attendance, bowl games, recruits, and wins on the field. It's second only to the Big Ten in money earned (and this is debatable).

Ultimately, the reason I pick Alabama over the others is simply that no college football program has impacted as many people as much as the Alabama Crimson Tide football program. Indeed, its win over the Washington Huskies at the 1926 Rose Bowl gave pride to the entire southern region of America. Thanks to Alabama football, the state of Alabama was transformed and millions of lives given a new sense of pride and respect. No other football team can say that.

The height of the college football season is bowl season. The Crimson Tide has appeared in 52 Bowl games and claimed 30 bowl victories (with 3 ties) in it's history. That represents more victories and bowl appearances than any other NCAA team.

One last stat: which college has produced the most Super Bowl winning quarterbacks? Yep, you guessed it. Alabama with 3: Bart Starr, Joe Namath, and Ken Stabler.

So, for all these reasons, and more, I say the Alabama Crimson Tide has the overall best college football program in history.

Obviously the debate over which college football program is the best will never be settled. Some argue for Notre Dame; some for USC; and some for Michigan.

For my money, no NCAA football program has had as much impact on a state and region of the country as the Alabama Crimson Tide. That's why I pick Bama as the best ever.

Mo Johnson is the editor of The Best Football Blog which covers all levels of football from high school to college to the pros.

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Alabama Crimson Tide Football - From Players to the Fans That Idolize Them

The Crimson Tide, the team of many names, has been referred to as the Crimson White, the Thin Red Line, and even the Red Elephants. With so many names, how do Tide fans know who they're talking about? From the Tide tradition, that's how. Alabama fans are proud of their past and pass their traditions on to their children at as young of an age as they can comprehend it! Roll Tide is a praised phrase as a child while the term War Eagle is considered right on up there with shut up and butt head. Yes, tradition is a special part of the Alabama experience that fans love to relive on game day and when walking through campus on a sunny autumn day. Little girls dressed in line with their hopes of one day being an Alabama Cheerleader. Young boys running across the Quad playing their own game of football before the real game begins. Grandparents, telling stories of Bama back in it's glory days with the Bear as coach and times when Alabama was a shoe-in for the National Championship Title.

Some are past players of the Bear and seem to always feel in the spotlight one last time when they step inside of Bryant-Denny Stadium, even if they had played at Legion Field, or elsewhere. The only thing that matters is where the Tide calls home. Today, that is Bryant-Denny Stadium named after the legendary Paul W. Bear Bryant whose name you can find in various places all over town, and Denny Chimes, who also has his legacy spread out over campus. Honoring them before were monuments, street names, and even museums, but having the stadium coined after them was quite an honor for those respective families. Anything that has to do with Alabama football has a serious reputation to uphold. With more National Championships, SEC Championships, Bowl Appearances, Bowl Wins, SEC Conference Wins, and most consecutive SEC Conference Championships than any other team in the NCAA, the Crimson Tide and it's players are looked upon by fans to continue this tradition and be the team to beat for years to come.

Alabama's historical rosters and current game attendants include Kenny, the Snake, Stabler, legendary Joe Namath, and Barry Krause among others. Stabler, Namath and one hundred and forty-five others are forever remembered along the Walk of Fame at Denny Chimes. A tradition since 1948, it immortalizes spectacular players like no other team and the tradition of doing so is one of the most important in Alabama history. Players of the Tide can be found on occasion greeting fans at the Paul W. Bryant Museum, signing autographs, and sometimes even sitting next to lucky fans at the games. At the University of Alabama, it's all about the fans, and the experience of Alabama Football. You can guarantee student tickets will be sold out within the first thirty minutes they're made available, and if you want to get your hands on one, it won't be a cheap buy. Fans of the Tide are dedicated, and some of the best college football fans out there! Roll Tide!

Writer and editor, Freddie Brister, is a former high school football coach of 25 years. His love of the game of football is reflected in his words and memories of growing up in the South and playing football in the back yard with his brother, cousins and neighborhood friends. His biggest thrill is watching former high school players he has coached play at the college level. His favorite pastime is watching college football on tv and attending the games in person every chance he gets. Freddie Brister is a huge fan of the SEC and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Check out his Alabama Crimson Tide Merchandise at Alabama Crimson Tide Belt or his Georgia Tech Grill Cover

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Best Alabama Crimson Tide Football Tickets

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You may think that you have to pay big bucks in order to get Alabama tickets. The Alabama Crimson Tide is one of the leading teams in the SEC Western Division. They play games every year against Auburn, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. They also play three teams that rotate each year from the SEC eastern division. There are plenty of games from which to choose when you are looking for Crimson Tide football tickets.

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